Thursday, November 15, 2012

I feel like this should be the prayer for US2 and MI

Since ive gotten to Brasil Ive been working through Concepts Of Mission devotional by Glory E. Dharmaraj Ph.D. and I wanted to share the prayer from page 20. This morning, to me at least is very comforting and telling of how we feel (or maybe its just me) as missionaries in the 21 century

God of mission, you have promised that you will always be with us. Though we are filled with fear, uncertainty  or anxiety at times, your assurance, comfort and guidance strengthens us when we step out for mission. Thank you. Now we pray that you would open our hearts and minds to the new things you create and the unexpected ways in which your Holy Spirit operates. Help us to greet with joy your new ways and the new experience you provide. Amen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First week in Brasil

Made it safe and sound!! Made already few friends and a couple mistakes (replying Spanish isnt helpful)but i guess thats what happens when you’ve only been in country for a couple hours. — in São Paulo, Brazil.
Still at the Shade and Fresh Waters national training event at Universidade Metodista de São Paulo met and hung out with some seminary students, who have been extremely hospitable to me, we even went to a basketball game at the university it was like a big game of charades trying to understand each other. with the help I tried to teach ultimate frisbee to the Brazilians lol #DISCBRO4Life
Had great day getting lost!! I tried to turn in some papers to Polícia Federal in São Paulo because i was giving strict orders to do so. so I basically stumbled around trying to ask someone for help and found the General secretary of Children’s ministry here in Brasil and just showed her my paper and then scratched my head. (half hour later) I went in a taxi clear across the city with a young la
dy from the Iglesia Metodista de Brasil- Oficina Nacional named Vera Silva!! As soon as the taxi arrived she started talking to me in Portuguese asking basic get to know you questions…. I think, struggling to get the few words I do knew out of my head but mostly replying with não entendo ( I dont understand). until she brung out her English/Portuguese phrasebook. which help out a lot!! we went over colors, and numbers, sports, basic sayings, and clothing ideas in both Portuguese and English, even got the taxi driver to chime in once in awhile trying to learn a few new words. So once we got to the Polícia Federal She found out basically it was a wasted trip because A)I dont have all the paper work they wanted and B) I could have done this all in Manaus, which I was worried about to begin with. On the way back to the Oficina Nacional Vera said i needed to pick a time de futebol (soccer team) or ill never fit in here in Brasil, and that i should root for her team SPFC. I dont know, I feel like I need an Underdog team to fix with all my other teams lol.
made it to Manaus last night. going on a city tour in a couple of hours
Had a fun day of just riding about the city visiting the 4 local Methodist Churches in the area!! and met an another young missionary from Rio named Max. oh and going to church again tonight. tomorrow evening im going to take part in a youth soccer game and im such im going to get my butt kicked. Friday ill get taking a 2 hour boat trip up the river to met with a new methodist community. it has been a pretty full day