Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year

Maybe it’s because of New Year’s and I’m thinking a lot about what is ahead of me in the coming year in light of all that has happened in the past year.
The song itself is, if you listen to all the verses, about a girl trying to be who she is rather than what others wanted her to be. I guess for me, when I hear this song, I am reminded how this is the year where I’ll be living more into who I am, rather than the boxes and labels others want me to have.
I’ve always been kinda self deprecating, but, for a rare moment when I speak kindly of myself, the fact I’m moving forward, just as I am, is one of the strongest and bravest things I have ever done. Ive been able to do this because there has been many before me who have been strong and brave and paved a way. and I am thankful for them and countless others to follow.
Often strength and bravery is identifies with heroic acts like saving a person from a burning building or taking a bullet for a friend. Without a doubt, those are strong and courageous acts.
But sometimes the strongest and bravest people are the ones who find that inner strength and courage to stand up and be who they are, to say no to the people who try to coerce them into being less than who they were created to be by God. With trembling hands and a pounding heart, keep moving forward, despite all the odds.
My favorite part of the whole song is the chorus 
This year is gonna be better, and you’re gonna see
This year I’m gonna be stronger, and a braver meThis year I’m gonna make it, ’cause I said I wouldAnd do all the things you said I never could.

Meghan bravely and quietly that she will be moving forward this year no matter what