Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent Picture Challenge "return"

This is my picture for return, it not exactly my first thought (that being the Return of the Jedi) but I think this picture is a great example the beauty of returning home... but here is a little background on Project Return Inc Founded in 1979, (PRI) is a Nashville-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Middle Tennessee's prison population. Through employment placement, direct aid and other support services, PRI offers ex-offenders new beginnings. Since its inception, the agency has helped probationers, parolees and their family members to become self-sustaining, law- abiding members of the community. PRI provides training and assistance designed to increase employ- ability, improve life skills, and reduce ever-rising return-to-prison rates. The agency provided 8,739 direct services to 6,027 adult

and here is another news link/article about the cost of our prison system in the United States (sorry from late 2011).
 — in Nashville, TN.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I was on FB and the @umcrethinkchurch page posted this Lent challenge came across my news feed. I pushed it aside thinking that i need to find something to give up this season because thats what you do right?? well today I head a song across the street (I live across a street from a catholic church). and I re-thought about the beauty of the lent season and asked myself I should really try to add and reflect on life and gospel and challenge myself with something im not the best at. I dont take pictures that often and i know others are far better at this then I but will give it a shot. 

  February 13: Who am I? 14: Return 15: See 16: Injustice 17: Settle 18: World 19: Wonder 20: Evil 21: Love 22: Spirit 23: Live 24: Vision 25: Cover 26: Lift 27: Hear 28: Earthly 

March 1: Prophet 2: Leave 3: Thirst 4: Bless 5: Night 6: Shadow 7: No 8: Find 9: Faithful 10: Ate 11: Happy 12: Silence 13: Water 14: Go 15: Temper 16: Surround 17: New 18: Rise 19: Dream 20: Beloved 21: Home 22: Alone 23: Restore 24: Blessed 25: Rejoice 26: Light 27: Help 28: Cup 29: Far 30: Roots 31: Resurrection  

"Who Am I"

I think this summarizes me pretty well actually

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year

Maybe it’s because of New Year’s and I’m thinking a lot about what is ahead of me in the coming year in light of all that has happened in the past year.
The song itself is, if you listen to all the verses, about a girl trying to be who she is rather than what others wanted her to be. I guess for me, when I hear this song, I am reminded how this is the year where I’ll be living more into who I am, rather than the boxes and labels others want me to have.
I’ve always been kinda self deprecating, but, for a rare moment when I speak kindly of myself, the fact I’m moving forward, just as I am, is one of the strongest and bravest things I have ever done. Ive been able to do this because there has been many before me who have been strong and brave and paved a way. and I am thankful for them and countless others to follow.
Often strength and bravery is identifies with heroic acts like saving a person from a burning building or taking a bullet for a friend. Without a doubt, those are strong and courageous acts.
But sometimes the strongest and bravest people are the ones who find that inner strength and courage to stand up and be who they are, to say no to the people who try to coerce them into being less than who they were created to be by God. With trembling hands and a pounding heart, keep moving forward, despite all the odds.
My favorite part of the whole song is the chorus 
This year is gonna be better, and you’re gonna see
This year I’m gonna be stronger, and a braver meThis year I’m gonna make it, ’cause I said I wouldAnd do all the things you said I never could.

Meghan bravely and quietly that she will be moving forward this year no matter what