Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent Picture Challenge "return"

This is my picture for return, it not exactly my first thought (that being the Return of the Jedi) but I think this picture is a great example the beauty of returning home... but here is a little background on Project Return Inc Founded in 1979, (PRI) is a Nashville-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Middle Tennessee's prison population. Through employment placement, direct aid and other support services, PRI offers ex-offenders new beginnings. Since its inception, the agency has helped probationers, parolees and their family members to become self-sustaining, law- abiding members of the community. PRI provides training and assistance designed to increase employ- ability, improve life skills, and reduce ever-rising return-to-prison rates. The agency provided 8,739 direct services to 6,027 adult

and here is another news link/article about the cost of our prison system in the United States (sorry from late 2011).
 — in Nashville, TN.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I was on FB and the @umcrethinkchurch page posted this Lent challenge came across my news feed. I pushed it aside thinking that i need to find something to give up this season because thats what you do right?? well today I head a song across the street (I live across a street from a catholic church). and I re-thought about the beauty of the lent season and asked myself I should really try to add and reflect on life and gospel and challenge myself with something im not the best at. I dont take pictures that often and i know others are far better at this then I but will give it a shot. 

  February 13: Who am I? 14: Return 15: See 16: Injustice 17: Settle 18: World 19: Wonder 20: Evil 21: Love 22: Spirit 23: Live 24: Vision 25: Cover 26: Lift 27: Hear 28: Earthly 

March 1: Prophet 2: Leave 3: Thirst 4: Bless 5: Night 6: Shadow 7: No 8: Find 9: Faithful 10: Ate 11: Happy 12: Silence 13: Water 14: Go 15: Temper 16: Surround 17: New 18: Rise 19: Dream 20: Beloved 21: Home 22: Alone 23: Restore 24: Blessed 25: Rejoice 26: Light 27: Help 28: Cup 29: Far 30: Roots 31: Resurrection  

"Who Am I"

I think this summarizes me pretty well actually